Reflecting On Our June 2021 Virtual Crowdfunding Event

On 23rd June 2021, The Life You Can Save partnered with The Funding Network Australia to organize our third virtual crowdfunding event. Like our first virtual c... Read more >

Better Health At Your Fingertips

How PSI is leveraging mobile phone technology to better reach health consumers and providers Our phones can orchestrate so many aspects of our lives – from banking to dating to figuring out when it’s going to rain. It’s no surprise that healthcare is one of the growing uses for smartphones as our world becomes increasingly interconnected. Across the 40+ countries in which PSI works, mobile phones are becoming more ubiquitous: in 2018, three quarters of the African continent had a SIM connectio... Read more >

Bitter Champagne:

Bringing Famine, Affluence, and Morality to Life by Frank J. Martin It is December 2020, the pandemic’s “second wave” is battering California. Many of my neighbors, including young children and seniors, are living in encampments throughout Oakland where I live. Other neighbors, who work in technology, finance, and law, continue to enjoy the fruits of their six-figure salaries and skyrocketing wealth. In the Bay Area, it is routine among professional circles to meet someone with a net worth of ... Read more >

The Moral Blindspot of First World Nations

"If you knew you had the ability to save real lives, would you do it? Because in the 21st century, that is our reality."... Read more >