Peter Singer is touring Australia and New Zealand

The founder of The Life You Can Save, Peter Singer, is going on tour!  In August of 2021, Peter will be visiting Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to dis... Read more >

Thank You For Supporting Our COVID-19 Fund

The Life You Can Save has closed its COVID-19 Fund. Take a look at how your support helped our charities respond rapidly to the challenges presented by the pandemic.... Read more >

Important Announcement!

Taken from a newsletter that went out to all The Life You Can Save subscribers on the 27th January 2021: My 21 month old granddaughter Rosalee often encourages me to “lean back” by which she means lie down and relax. I plan to take her advice literally and figuratively, so after eight years as Executive Director of The Life You Can Save, I have decided to “lean back” some more and, therefore, change my role in the organization. Rickard Vikstrom, our Managing Director, has been named by the Boar... Read more >

The Impact of COVID-19 on Effective Giving

(reposted from BBN Times) We have all experienced change with covid-19.  Whether it be the loss of a loved one, loss of a business, the loss of our ability to live life as we did previously- things have changed. Many people have had positive change this year too. They have become more grateful for what they do have, more content with less, or had other life changing opportunities (like the ability to work from home- cutting down travel time immensely). Being at home through some of Covid 19... Read more >