DMI Expands its Child Survival Campaign to Tanzania

Development Media International (DMI) is delighted to announce that – with the support of individual donors through TLYCS – it is expanding its child surv... Read more >

Seeking sustainable solutions for service mills – the last mile in small-scale fortification.

Since its invention in 2013, we have installed Sanku’s award-winning Smart dosifier technology in over 400 small commercial mills giving close to two million people in East Africa access to flour that is consistently fortified with vitamins and minerals; cost-effectively reducing stunting, anaemia, birth defects, and saving lives Our current model, the Pink Flour Bag model, allows us to offset the cost of the added nutrients by bulk buying empty pink flour bags, which we sell to our partner m... Read more >

Continuing to Expand Despite COVID-19

Malaria Consortium’s Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) project focuses on preventing malaria in some of those who are most vulnerable to the disease - children under five years - during the rainy season in of Africa. Most malaria illness and deaths occur during this peak malaria transmission. SMC involves administering four to five monthly courses of antimalarial drugs during the period of highest risk. Malaria Consortium (MC) has been a leading implementer of SMC since the WHO issued its ... Read more >

Using Technology to Support Farming in the Face of COVID-19

In our new reality of a global health pandemic, we have turned to technology to keep agriculture open for business.   Today, terms like physical distancing, lockdowns, and containment are more than just buzzwords. They represent a new, harsh reality for how organizations such as One Acre Fund operate at scale because they present many new limitations—including restrictions on movement, group gatherings, and paper passing; all of which were key to our operations just three months ago. As w... Read more >