Free Online Courses on Effective Giving

Want to learn more about extreme poverty and what you can do about it? Check out these free online courses

Effective Altruism

Effective altruism is a Princeton University-sponsored free online course built on the simple but unsettling idea that living a fully ethical life involves doing the most good one can. In this course, Peter Singer will help you will examine this idea’s philosophical underpinnings; meet remarkable people who have restructured their lives in accordance with it; and think about how effective altruism can be put into practice in your own life.

Giving 2.0: The MOOC

Giving 2.0: The MOOC, is a free Stanford University-sponsored online course intended to teach givers of all ages, backgrounds, incomes and experiences to give more effectively. Taught by social entrepreneur, philanthropist and bestselling author Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Giving 2.0: The MOOC will teach you how to assess nonprofits, create a high-impact philanthropic strategy, volunteer more effectively, use existing, free technology for good and more.

Financing for Development

The World Bank is running this 4-week MOOC to familiarize more people with its new development agenda, the critical role of the private sector and the use of finance, including innovative solutions, to fund the SDGs and meet the Bank Group goals of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity by 2030.

The Challenges of Global Poverty

A course for those who are interested in the challenge posed by massive and persistent world poverty. It is intended to be an introduction to the main topics in global poverty as conceptualized by leading economists and political scientists.