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Got bandaids?

One of the common objections about donating to help the global poor is that the help is just “providing a bandaid.” Really? When is the last time you had a serious wound that was bleeding profusely and you didn’t run to get a bandaid? If your child was dying of diarrhea and needed the “bandaid” of IV fluids, what would you do?

But beyond this obvious rebuttal to the “bandaid” excuse for not giving is the fact that our recommended nonprofits are doing amazing, highly cost-effective work at protecting and improving health, and in raising the ongoing standard of living and wellbeing of the people who receive their assistance.

Malaria, for example, is one of the biggest drags on the African economy. Reducing malaria not only saves lives, but also improves economic and overall wellbeing. Economically empowering the poor—especially women— as so many of our organizations do, directly or indirectly, raises the standard of living for both individual families and communities. A sighted person is a lot more productive than a blind person — a pretty good investment for $50 or so.

Please read the charity voices section in this month’s newsletter and also look at the information sheets on our website describing our recommended nonprofits. Now you can feel good about buying some more “bandaids!”

Do Good Feel Good!

Charlie Bresler


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