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Nobel Peace Prize and More Ways to Give

We are excited to share the news that Fistula Foundation partner Dr. Denis Mukwege has been announced as a 2018 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. You can read more about Dr. Mukwege’s wonderful work in our Charity Voices section (full article here) and you can convey best wishes to Dr. Mukwege on Fistula Foundation’s virtual congratulations card for him here.

In our ongoing efforts to support the great work of Fistula Foundation and the rest of our Recommended Charities, I’m pleased to announce that The Life You Can Save now accepts gifts of securities. This will allow a donor to transfer long-term appreciated stock, bonds or mutual funds to The Life You Can Save for allocation to one or more of our recommended non-profits or to The Life You Can Save itself. The donor will receive a full tax deduction for the value of the security on the day we receive it. If you are interested in making this type of gift, please reach out to me or our Director of Growth Initiatives, Angela Kalayjian, CFP®.

With Giving Season approaching, keep in mind that another way to direct donations to our Recommended Charities is to Run a Personal Fundraiser. This is an easy way to share your dedication to effectively helping the global poor with your friends and family. Just enter a few lines of information, choose which charity you’d like to support, customize your page if you’d like, and ask your circles to contribute. TLYCS followers young and old have used this tool for putting a meaningful spin on holiday parties, gift-giving, birthdays, weddings, etc. Contact us if you have questions.

Do Good. Feel Good.

Charlie Bresler


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