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“I was impressed with the Northfield High School charity election conducted in our Social Studies classes this past December. Students and teachers were given a great opportunity to discuss personal responsibility about world-wide issues. Researching a charity and casting a vote that includes actual funds to the winning charity gave students a chance to truly practice what it means to be 'global citizens'.”
Kevin Dahle, NHS Civics teacher, former Minnesota State Senator, MN Alliance With Youth Board Member

Charity Elections
Image courtesy of Village Enterprise, the winner of the Northfield High School Charity Election.

Northfield High School (NHS) Charity Election: Social studies teachers distributed voting ballots during the week of December 10th. After researching three pre-selected charities, students voted for which charities will receive our sponsored funds. For each ballot submitted up to $5 was donated by our sponsoring organization. Thanks to your votes, over $2000 was donated on behalf of NHS!

Election Results

  • 787 voting students
  • $2070 donated on behalf of NHS
  • 1st place: Village Enterprise - $1552 - 317 votes
  • 2nd place: Seva Foundation - $414 - 305 votes
  • 3rd place: Innovations for Poverty Action - $104 - 165 votes

What is a charity election?

Charity Elections

A Charity Election is a school-wide election where students vote on where to donate among a selection of charities chosen to inspire meaningful discussions and empower students to find their voice on complex global issues. Students research a selection of evidence-backed, impactful nonprofits and choose which will receive a sponsored donation.

Charity Elections are a new form of Giving Game, sponsored by The Life You Can Save’s Giving Games Project.

To see pictures and results from past Charity Elections, please see here!

Charities on the Ballot

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