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Giving Games have been applied in a wide variety of use cases since the first Giving Game was held with a student a capella group at Princeton in 2012. Giving Games have now been run with over 13,000 participants in 25 countries, spanning all continents other than Antarctica, and with a variety of objectives ranging from serving as a teaching aid to informing the execution of businesses’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations in India.

During a Giving Game, a facilitator introduces two to four charities for participants to consider. Ordinarily, this takes the form of a preliminary vote where participants make an initial choice based on short fundraising pitches. The facilitator then provides further information on the impact of the non-profits, the evidence supporting their work, and the program’s potential challenges and opportunities. Participants divide into groups and discuss which charity should be awarded the funds, which are ordinarily provided by The Life You Can Save or an external sponsor. This process demonstrates the value of informed, impactful and intentional giving and the role that charity evaluators can play in guiding participants on their High Impact Philanthropy journeys.

The Giving Games Project is a natural fit with TLYCS's mission to change the culture of giving in affluent countries and direct funds to highly impactful charities focused on solving the world's most important problems. Through employing “experiential philanthropy,” participants learn by doing, giving away real money to charities engaging in critically important work.


  • Educate people about the importance of high impact philanthropy, and introduce them to resources that can guide their effective giving journeys.
  • Empower and support our network of facilitators around the world to grow the effective giving community by providing resources, training, and funding to run Giving Games.
  • Leverage the impact of donors' gifts by allowing them to support teaching others about good giving while supporting great charities at the same time.


Outreach Giving Games

The Giving Game Project has an ambitious goal: we want to provide philanthropy education at a scale that will fundamentally shift the way people learn about, and practice, charitable giving. Why do we think we can achieve this goal, and how are we going to do it?

Our “Vision and Strategic Plan” answers these questions in detail. It outlines the specific behavioral changes we aim to achieve, the mechanisms we will use to produce them, how our product connects with our target audience, and opportunities for large-scale growth. It also lays out a path toward long-term financial sustainability, even at mass scale. Read the full plan here.


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