Philanthropy Advice

Major philanthropists have a huge opportunity to give effectively and make a difference. Whether you’re starting your philanthropy or would like to review your existing strategy, The Life You Can Save can work with you to achieve your goals and make the biggest impact possible. We use a highly personalized approach to help with planning, researching effective organizations aligned to your goals, and advice on how to manage your portfolio.

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Consulting & Strategy

Whether you’re new to philanthropy or have an existing strategy, we can help you define your goals and create a roadmap to meet them. We’ll use the principles of effective giving to ensure you’re amplifying your impact, in the areas that mean the most to you.

Charity Recommendation

Our team can recommend charities making the biggest impact on extreme poverty and climate change.


If you’d like to start a foundation or initiative, we can connect you with trusted advisors to help you navigate this process, including guiding you through the complexities and considerations.

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“I am grateful to have the financial resources to help reduce unnecessary suffering among people living in extreme poverty. The Life You Can Save has been invaluable in helping me choose highly impactful, cost-effective nonprofits to support. ”

– Gregg Sciabica

Meet our major philanthropy team

Charlie Bresler

Executive Director

Katie Standford

Research & Business Intelligence Manager

Dan Pallesen

Philanthropy Advisor

Louise Pfeiffer

Director of Philanthropy

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