Bringing Giving Games to Fall Activity Fairs!

Bringing Giving Games to Fall Activity Fairs!

The Life You Can Save’s Giving Games Project and One For The World are collaborating to bring high impact philanthropy to hundreds of college students during fall student outreach events. This builds upon the insight we gained from holding Giving Games with One For The World chapters during the 2018- 2019 academic year. We are additionally pleased to add to our resource library two instructional videos on the content of a standard 60-90 minute Giving Game and each step of the Giving Game Platform. These materials were initially designed to assist chapter leaders, but we hope they will be of broader assistance to our network of facilitators.  

One for the World and The Life You Can Save have a shared mission: to help change the culture of giving in affluent countries and to generate donations to highly impactful nonprofits that reduce suffering and premature death, and improve opportunities for people living in extreme poverty. One For The World encourages students to donate at least 1% of their post-grad income to charities that fight extreme poverty. They train student leaders, organize educational events, and support marketing initiatives to spread the word across campuses in the United States and abroad. The Giving Games Project is the philanthropic education branch of The Life You Can Save, with the mission to provide philanthropy education at a scale that will fundamentally shift the way people learn about, and practice, charitable giving. In our recent blog, Giving Games Held at the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences; a Case Study in How the Giving Games Project Tracks Its Impact, The Giving Games Project identified our working hypothesis that we can have the most impact when they focus primarily upon introductory audiences with little prior exposure to core effective giving concepts. With their dedicated team and talented enthusiastic student Chapter Leads, One For the World are an incredible partner for the Giving Games Project.

During the academic year, the Giving Games team was hosted by One For the World Chapters at University of Pennsylvania Law and Undergraduate Chapters, George Washington University, Villanova University, Georgetown University, and Tufts University.  

Eliot Zaeder, of One for the World at Tufts University, shared this feedback with us:

I had a very positive experience hosting a Giving Game at Tufts. I personally learned a lot about where your donation money is actually going. I was surprised to find out the many ways in which the money you donate can have completely different impacts, depending on where you donate. This is something that I think a lot of people overlook, because everyone assumes that giving to charity means that your money is automatically doing something good. I think that this was a great learning experience for myself and the people who came! Thanks again for hosting!

Fall Activities  

Based on these events, One For The World and Giving Games have decided to launch a structured Fall Outreach program. During the fall term, One for the World chapters will table at student outreach events and invite students to a Giving Game to learn more about high impact philanthropy and the mission of One For the World and The Life You Can Save. At the end of the Giving Game, along with offering our normal options of subscribing to The Life You Can Save and the Giving Games Project, participants will be given the opportunity to subscribe to One For The World and learn more about taking the 1% pledge. Of the One For The World campuses, nine chapters will facilitate Giving Games using resources provided by the Giving Games team and tailored to fit the local chapter contexts, four will be facilitated by the Giving Games team, due to their geographical location, and three will not hold Giving Games, but will run alternative exercises.

We are additionally exploring A/-B testing opportunities between the three groups, results we hope to make available following the fall activities, along with our pre- and post-Giving Game Survey results.

Introductory Videos

The Giving Games Team have created two instructional videos which are primarily for use by the One For The World Chapters but which should also be useful to our broader network of facilitators:

We are additionally exploring A/B testing opportunities between the three groups, results we hope to make available following the fall activities, along with our pre- and post-Giving Game Survey results.

What next?

If you would like to keep up-to-date, please subscribe to The Giving Games or One For the World  Newsletters. For any questions please get in touch with Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn at The Life You Can Save or Evan MacVail at One For The World.    

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