Celebrating International Women’s Month

While Village Enterprise is, at its core, a poverty alleviation organization, 80% of their program participants are women and therefore they wholeheartedly cele... Read more >

Tackling Maternal Syphilis in Liberia

In November of last year we announced our new Maternal Syphilis program in Liberia. Quickly after, we hired Emilie Efronson, an experienced public health practitioner, as country manager.  Read here about her new role and what she expects to achieve... Read more >

Our Journey to One Million: How impact drives innovation at Equalize Health

Equalize Health has officially launched the 1M patients treated campaign. The first blog post in the series is here.... Read more >

An Urgent Mission to Deliver Vitamin A to Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vitamin A is a powerhouse micronutrient that builds healthy immune systems and protects children from blindness and serious illnesses. Helen Keller is at work in places where children’s diets are deficient in vitamin A. Giving children high-dose vitamin A supplements every six months can save their lives. Evidence shows that supplementation of this kind can reduce childhood deaths by as much as a quarter. Unfortunately, COVID-19 resulted in the delay of large-scale vitamin A supplementation for ... Read more >