November 2019: Big news! We Launch the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Life You Can Save on Dec. 3!

October 2019: We support World Sight Day and World Food Day

September 2019: Reducing poverty with IPA: What works and what doesn't

August 2019: You are Making a Difference. Thank You!

July 2019: Rocking the Amazon River with Heavy Metal

June 2019: Effective Interventions for World Refugee Day

May 2019: Quiz: What helps young girls delay marriage?

April 2019: Stickers that save lives—it's proven.

March 2019: Improving women's lives means a better world for everyone

February 2019: 2019 is off to a promising start

December 2018: Free Holiday eCards to Send to your Friends and Family

November 2018 — Best Charities for 2019: A New Addition to our List of Charities

November 2018: And the winner is...

October 2018: It IS about Contraception!

September 2018: A career change: Google to global agriculture

August 2018: What would you do with a broken leg and no doctor?

July 2018: Quarantined: Soil Laboratory & Ebola Outbreak

June 2018: Ever been evicted? This is the life of a refugee...

May 2018: Effectively impacting the extreme poor

April 2018: Got Bandaids?

March 2018: Village Enterprise's Great Trial Results and More

February 2018: U.S. vs. International Poverty debated.

January 2018: Ready for a New Approach to Behavioral Change?

December 2017: Our Best Charities for Giving Season

November 2017: How Do YOU Spell Disaster?

October 2017: Want to know what vision loss looks like? Try the Sight Simulator

September 2017: Major HIV Self-Testing Initiative

August 2017: Does digital technology help Kenyan farmers?

July 2017: The Life You Can Save's July, 2017 Newsletter

June 2017: You Won’t Sleep Through This Graduation Program!

May 2017: What are the World's Most Critical Issues?

April 2017: Famine and Ethics

March 2017: Our 2016 Annual Report and International Women's Day

February 2017: More women surgeons restoring sight.

January 2017: Watch & Share: New video featuring Poker star Liv Boeree

Mid-December 2016: Be effective locally and globally.

December 2016: Our Best Charities for 2017

November 2016: Spreading seeds of effective giving.

October 2016: Peter Singer's new book, Paul Simon concert success, and more...

September 2016: Pass it on! Paul Simon Benefit Concert

August 2016: Effective Giving starts at the shallow end of the pool

July 2016: Please Join Us In Celebrating Peter's 70th Birthday

June 2016: Increase your impact through multiple charities

May 2016: Check out our new format

April 2016: Can behaving "normally" be toxic?

March 2016: 1+1=3 Collective thinking for good

February 2016: The Life You Can Save's 2015 Year in Review

January 2016: Opportunity knocks

Mid-December 2015: The Perfect Holiday Gifts

December 2015: Peter Singer's 2016 Recommended Charities List

Mid-November 2015: What will your 2015 Personal Best be?

November 2015: What would you ask Peter Singer if you could?

October 2015: Paul Simon concert for Fistula Foundation and more

September 2015: Eye on the prize: Keeping poverty solutions front and center

August 2015: How You Can Do Good Better

July 2015: Got vacation plans? How about a giving plan?

June 2015: How to really help the ultra-poor?

May 2015: 8 ways to help Nepal

April 2015: My new book: The Most Good You Can Do

March 2015: The Life You Can Save: 2014 in Review

February 2015: What will your impact be?

January 2015: Broadening our outreach in 2015

December 2014: Best Charities for 2015

November 2014: Can pocket change make a real difference?

October 2014: Celebrating The Singer Solution to World Poverty

September 2014: Why is it so hard to do what we know is right?

July 2014: Extreme Poverty Report and A Call to Action.

June 2014: Dispelling the myths surrounding poverty.

May 2014: This Mother's Day, Give a Mother the Gift of Life.

March 2014: A message from our Founder, Peter Singer.

January 2014: Heading into the new year.

December 2013: How poor are we?

November 2013: Giving Season is here! And so is our updated list of recommended charities.

October 2013: Giving time, giving games and giving season.

August - September 2013: Connect and share: Community Groups launched!

July 2013: Exciting updates from our Staff and Job Opportunities

May - June 2013: New website, team developments, updated blog and more...

March - April 2013: A letter from our Directors

February 2013: Spotlight on The Funding Network and exciting upcoming events!

January 2013: Getting the year off to a good start

December 2012: Wishing You a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

November 2012: Internships, Questions for Peter Singer, Save a Life with Your Friends, & more...

September-October 2012: Organization Updates, Tell Your Friends, & the New Bottom Billion

July-August 2012: Our Mission, Updates from Peter Singer, & The Life You Can Save Student Groups

May-June 2012: Q&A With Saran Kaba Jones, Executive Director of FACE Africa

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