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“You have taught me so much about how to do good in the best possible way. I know my donation is in the right hands. Donating to The Life You Can Save is definitely one of the best investments.”

Denisse, Zurich

“Thanks for helping me feel more confident about giving. I am aware of the phenomenon of toxic giving, also wasted giving, so sometimes am not certain how to proceed. Your organisation helps.”

Margaret Hunter

“I felt so small and helpless in view of all the problems and The Life You Can Save has given me the confidence that I can do something worthwhile and given me the guidance how to do it.”

Pamela Hirsch, United Kingdom

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Who we are

We exist because one person brought together action and philosophy. Since our founding in 2013, our community of donors have gifted more than $100 million to fund interventions across the multiple dimensions of extreme poverty. Learn how reading philosopher Peter Singer’s book led a former executive to co-founding this organization, helping you make the most effective donations possible in the fight against poverty.