Intellectual nourishment
The idea of sending my kids to school without a good, healthy breakfast inside them fills me with a mild terror. Yet each day literally many children across the globe turn up for school on an empty stomach. Or they don’t turn up at all. 
Meditation and Effective Altruism
With the aim of being a good effective altruist, contributor Rob Mathers considered which topics would be valuable to post about for the community. Meditation rose to the top of the list because meditation as a free tool that can be practiced by anyone, anytime, any place to help us increase our impact in the causes we prioritize.
For World Sight Day, October 10th: A vision for the future
When I was thirty, I had laser surgery on my eyes for a couple of thousand dollars. I almost feel ill when I compare that now to the millions of people in developing countries who stay needlessly blind because they live in poverty.
As you send your kids off to school, think about Zusha!
Every morning as I wave my ‘ducklings’ off to school on their bikes I implore them to be safe on the roads – a fact they reminded me of when my daughter suggested Zusha! for this month’s charity donation.  In Africa ro...
Write the World Notebooks (AKA The Love Project)
Kate Tapping had a tiny idea that grew into a project: Write the World notebooks, unique notebooks designed to make the world a better place. 
A Charity Election is a school-wide election where students vote on where to donate among a selection of charities chosen to inspire meaningful discussions and empower students to find their voice on complex global issues. Students research a selection of evidence-backed, impactful nonprofits and choose which will receive a sponsored donation. Charity Elections are a new form of Giving Game, sponsored by The Life You Can Save’s Giving Games Project.

Below is a record of The Charity Elections we have held so far, including pictures for the students and organizers!
Classroom Giving Games launched this semester:  What have we learnt so far?
Below is a summary of the Altruistic Accounting Report, a detailed impact report prepared by Nicole Sutton of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Here Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn, Project Lead of the Giving Game Project, highlights the key results of the first semester incorporating classroom Giving Games into an undergraduate accounting course at UTS. This is a follow up to our posts on the partnership and pilot results.
The Pale Blue Dot
In this and upcoming posts, Melbournian Kate Tapping reflects on her family's multi-year experience with effective giving.
The Four Dimensions of Self-Care
International Self-Care Day is July 24th.
Thoughts on 5% Car Sales for Charity, Fourteen Months Later
Car salesman Andrei Smith reflects on the 14 months since he pledged to donate 5% of his commission to effective charities.
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