You Donate. They Match. Announcing our new partnership with Double Up Drive!

In anticipation of the 2021 giving season, we’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Double Up Drive, a non-profit organization founded in 2014... Read more >

How Crypto Fits into The Life You Can Save’s Strategy

In our most recent newsletter, we announced that The Life You Can Save can now accept donations in over 40 types of cryptocurrencies. Crypto donations quickly started coming in and we want to say thank you to the donors responsible, including @worldofumans and @spirit_swap and whoever anonymously donated 3 ETH. We’ve also received a number of questions about why we’ve decided to prioritize crypto, and how we think about crypto’s environmental impact. I’ll try to answer those questions in this p... Read more >

Effective Giving Bloggers Series: 3 Reasons I Give to Charity

"I could never afford to give to charity. At least that’s what I told myself."... Read more >

The Young Aussie Intern Doctor Donating Half His Pay!

Imagine deciding to give half your salary to charity for a year! That’s exactly what Dr Henry Howard is doing in his first year, earning income as a medical intern, in regional Victoria.  He says he’s wanted to make the world a better place ever since he was a child.  “I’ve always been acutely aware since I was young how lucky I am to be born in Australia and the opportunities I’ve had are not those that everyone in the world has.” Dr Howard started volunteering during his time as a medical ... Read more >