Contraceptive Vending Machines?

How PSI and NOVEK are turning vending machines into trusted contraceptive access points. By Wycliffe Waweru, ‎Deputy Director, Monitoring, PSI  Population Services International, a global health organization committed to helping individuals lead healthier lives and plan the families they desire, has been making it easier for people to access sexual and reproductive health products, services and information for more than 50 years. In 2021, they are testing out a new approach: contraceptive vend... Read more >

Effective Giving Bloggers Series: Has Covid-19 erased two decades worth of progress?

This post was originally published by Mr. McCormick as a part of our Effective Giving Bloggers Program. When you sign up for our Effective Giving Bloggers Program, we’ll send you a voluntary writing assignment each month. Write something, post it and tag us. By doing this you’ll help spread the word about effective giving. Learn more about our Effective Giving Bloggers Program and other volunteer opportunities here.   “How has the COVID–19 pandemic influenced your views on our ability to ... Read more >

India COVID-19 crisis: Where to donate

India’s unfolding deadly second COVID–19 wave has left the country devastated. Harrowing scenes from overwhelmed hospitals and crematoriums have left the world shocked.  When emergencies strike it’s natural to ask the question ‘how can I help?’ and ‘where will my donation do the most good?’ While it’s gratifying to see the outpouring of generosity and the desire to help, it’s difficult in a rapidly evolving situation where we don’t have the luxury of time to provide a conclusive answer to the q... Read more >