Earth Day – Appreciate & Preserve

Earth Day – Appreciate & Preserve

Earth Day is more than a greeting card holiday. It is a day to celebrate the majesty of our planet and at the same time to consider ways to invest in the safety of its future. I think taking the opportunity to enjoy some aspect of your natural environment on Earth Day could energize you to make a greater effort to protect its future, including donating to effective climate change nonprofits. There are also a large number of excellent documentaries listed here about climate change and ones that celebrate our planet.

As an individual, fighting climate change too often seems overwhelming and hopeless.  Supporting one of our recommended climate change nonprofits may be an empowering and effective way to celebrate Earth Day.  The Life You Can Save’s Board of Directors and senior leadership unanimously agreed to add three excellent organizations whose purpose is to fight climate change to our list of recommended charities.

You can read more about the climate crises and the reasons for our decision here. The organizations we recommend are:

Carbon 180 (tax deductible in the US & Germany)

Clean Air Task Force (tax deductible in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden & Switzerland)

Evergreen Collaborative (tax deductible in the US)

Download Giving Green climate guide for Australia

Whatever you do on Earth Day, please take the time to renew your appreciation for the beauty and natural diversity that is still around us. And, of course, please donate to one of our climate change organizations.

Do Good. Feel Good,

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Charles Bresler

Co-founder, Board Member

After earning a PhD in Social and Clinical Psychology, Charlie Bresler became director of behavioral medicine for The California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno (CSPP-F), where he was a full-time professor and founder of a teaching clinic for anxiety & stress disorders. In 1993, he was recruited by The Men’s Wearhouse, where he went on to be head of human resources, stores, marketing, and, ultimately, president. He stepped down in 2008 to fulfill his long-standing desire to work directly on social and economic issues, not too long after he read Peter Singer’s book, The Life You Can Save. Catalyzed by the concept, Charlie reached out to Peter and proposed combining Peter’s theory with the formation of a nonprofit to advance Peter’s ideas and to raise money for high-impact, cost-effective organizations. Together, they founded The Life You Can Save, where Charlie took on all organizational operations as executive director until 2024. He was supported in this work and in his financial support for the organization by his wife Diana, a family physician, and executed the role pro bono.

The views expressed in blog posts are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Peter Singer or The Life You Can Save.