Peter Singer: What Do We Owe Each Other?

Peter Singer: What Do We Owe Each Other?

Rainn and Reza from Metaphysical Milkshake sit down with author Peter Singer to ponder, “What Do We Owe Each Other?”

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Peter Singer

Peter Singer is the author of The Life You Can Save and the founder of the organization to which the book gave rise, and which has the same name. He is Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne. In addition to The Life You Can Save his books include: Animal Liberation, Practical Ethics, One World, and The Ethics of What We Eat (with Jim Mason). In 2013 he ranked 3rd on the Gottleib Duttweiler Institute's list of "Global Thought Leaders."

The views expressed in blog posts are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Peter Singer or The Life You Can Save.