The rise of cryptocurrency philanthropy

The rise of cryptocurrency philanthropy

In this edition of ON THE BID, host Oriel Morrison discusses the rise of cryptocurrency philanthropy as organisations innovate and adapt to changing trends, adopting crypto as an acceptable means for donations. 

On the panel this week is Jon Behar, strategic advisor at The Life You Can Save. 

The Life You Can Save was founded by Melbourne-born Peter Singer, an influential contemporary philosopher advancing the ideas in his 2009 book The Life You Can Save. In 2013, Charlie Bresler approached Peter about expanding his organisation to become a registered charity and eventually establishing in Australia in 2019. 

The objective of the organisation is to reduce poverty and suffering of people living in extreme poverty. It achieves this by generating and granting funds to a curated list of recommended charities.

The panel discuss a range of topics including; Jon’s journey from hedge funds to cryptocurrency philanthropy, what is “The life you can save”, benefits and risks of crypto altruism, how organisations are innovating with changing technology and more.

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