Design (R)Evolution: D-Rev will soon have a new name

Design (R)Evolution: D-Rev will soon have a new name

D-Rev, one of The Life You Can Save’s recommended charities since 2017, is excited to announce that at the end of this year, they will have a new name: Equalize Health. Their focus on health is one reason for the name change, but there is another, more fundamental reason. Despite their efforts, and those of the larger global health sector, millions of people every year are still dying or suffering from treatable and preventable diseases – even when the technology exists to save them. Disparities in health are increasing. As an organization, and an industry, we have to ask ourselves – why?

D-Rev CEO, Krista Donaldson, tests an early prototype of a phototherapy device in a hospital in Delhi, India.

With the new name – and soon, a new visual identity – D-Rev, soon to be Equalize Health is putting their commitment to ending global health inequity front and center. Learn more about the story behind the name change from CEO, Krista Donaldson – Read more.

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Equalize Health designs and delivers affordable, innovative medical technologies that protect and transform the lives of the global poor. They recognize that health is a prerequisite to autonomy and self-sufficiency, and strive to address global health inequities.

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