“Money, although it won’t make us happy in and of itself, is an incredibly powerful tool in our lives, when we use it in alignment with things that matter to us. Because whether we like it or not, money is needed and necessary to accomplish things that matter.”

John Hagensen, Managing Director at wealth management firm Creative Planning, probably handles the “tool” of money better than most. With a profound belief in the power money can have to improve lives of those in need, John is very committed to philanthropy and to encouraging high-net-worth folks to give as well.

John’s values are underpinned by a deep faith and humility — as a teenager, he took a trip abroad where he had an eye-opening experience into life for those with far less. He and his wife Brittany have practiced their values not only in their giving but also in their personal lives, adopting four of their seven children from very impoverished circumstances.

As far as his work in wealth management is concerned, John focuses on helping clients feel secure in their financial futures, so they’re not operating from a “scarcity mindset.” This frees many clients to consider giving or giving more without fear.

If you want to learn more about John and Creative Planning, you can find information on their website. You can also check out John’s two books, The Retirement Flight Plan and Unleash Your Investments, and listen to his podcast, Rethink Your Money


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