What drives us to do good things? And what dissuades us from doing those good things, even if we generally believe ourselves to be good people? This has been the topic underlying Season One of the Musings podcast, and Charlie has had some truly fascinating conversations on that question.

In Season Two, Charlie plans to look at a different perspective on philanthropy and doing good: “Effective Hedonism.” He gives us a brief introduction to the term in this episode, and you can read his article in Time magazine for more information.

Join us in Season Two to hear more on the subject of Effective Hedonism, as well as other journeys into the human psyche and what drives us to do (or not do) the good acts we know will benefit others.

Musings on Ourselves and Other Strangers is the podcast for the non-profit organization The Life You Can Save, and is hosted by co-founder Charlie Bresler. Please check out other episodes as well as our website for ideas on how you too can extend your impact for good in the world.


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Recent Episodes

Episode 19: Musings with Felix Brooks-church

Starvation isn’t only a deficit of calories, it’s also a deficit of nutrients. Children especially suffer when the food they do get doesn’t meet all their nutritional needs. Felix Brooks-church has some big ideas to end the “hidden hunger” of micronutrient deficiency, and in 2013, he and David Dodson co-founded the non-profit organization Sanku to help close the gap.

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Episode 18: Musings with Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie of Humanitix

What do concert tickets and philanthropy have in common? Generally, not much, but a couple of friends of The Life You Can Save are working very hard to change that. Tech entrepreneurs Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie could have made a fortune building their ticketing platform start up, but a trip to war-torn Sri Lanka fueled their desires to do work that was truly meaningful.

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Episode 17: Musings with Peter Singer

According to its author, Peter Singer, those with money are behaving unethically — even immorally — if they don’t take steps to end the poverty and suffering of others. Listen to this fascinating conversation around why we give or don’t. As you might imagine, the reasons are complex, rooted in human psychology, tinged with fear and cognitive dissonance, and seasoned with a lack of cultural pressure, thanks to an idea called the “diffusion of responsibility.”

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