Adding the 90/10 Option to All Our Funds

Adding the 90/10 Option to All Our Funds

We wanted to inform you of a recent change in our giving platform designed to expand the ways donors can support The Life You Can Save itself in addition to our Best Charities.

 A few years ago, we introduced a new giving option called the “90/10 Fund.” The 90/10 Fund allowed supporters to allocate 90% of their donations to our All Charities Fund and 10% to The Life You Can Save itself.

 The 90/10 Fund quickly became one of our most popular giving options, and our supporters have responded so positively and generously to this option that we have decided to expand the 90/10 option to all of our Cause Funds. As a result of this expansion, we no longer feature the “90/10 Fund” as an independent fund on our site and now offer the option to allocate 10% of any donation to our Cause Funds to The Life You Can Save itself.

 Now, instead of donating to the 90/10 Fund directly, supporters would donate to the All Charities Fund and then elect to allocate 10% of their donations to The Life You Can Save itself. Likewise, when donating to any of our other Cause Funds (for instance, our Create Economic Opportunity Fund), you will now also have the option to allocate 10% of your donation to The Life You Can Save itself. 

Please note that if you previously set up an active recurring monthly donation to our former 90/10 Fund either through our donation platform or a third-party donation platform, we will continue to allocate 90% of your recurring monthly donation to our All Charities Fund and 10% to The Life You Can Save’s operations.

 We thank you so much for making the 90/10 Fund a great success, and we are hopeful that our supporters will respond positively to the new giving options that the 90/10 Fund has inspired.

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Charles Bresler

Co-founder, Board Member

After earning a PhD in Social and Clinical Psychology, Charlie Bresler became director of behavioral medicine for The California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno (CSPP-F), where he was a full-time professor and founder of a teaching clinic for anxiety & stress disorders. In 1993, he was recruited by The Men’s Wearhouse, where he went on to be head of human resources, stores, marketing, and, ultimately, president. He stepped down in 2008 to fulfill his long-standing desire to work directly on social and economic issues, not too long after he read Peter Singer’s book, The Life You Can Save. Catalyzed by the concept, Charlie reached out to Peter and proposed combining Peter’s theory with the formation of a nonprofit to advance Peter’s ideas and to raise money for high-impact, cost-effective organizations. Together, they founded The Life You Can Save, where Charlie took on all organizational operations as executive director until 2024. He was supported in this work and in his financial support for the organization by his wife Diana, a family physician, and executed the role pro bono.

The views expressed in blog posts are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Peter Singer or The Life You Can Save.