Peter Singer’s New Book: Ethics in the Real World

Peter Singer’s New Book: Ethics in the Real World

Our founder, Peter Singer, just released his latest book: Ethics in The Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter. 

Of those 82 essays—all of which are extremely accessible, coming from a philosopher—a handful focus on philanthropy, and how effective giving must be a social expectation for a moral and just life.  

Within the section "Doing Good," Singer explores concepts of how to keep charities accountable, why we should give a portion of our earnings to charity, and the importance of giving with our heads, not our hearts. 

 Additionally, Singer emphasizes his philosophical argument that is the foundation for our own work: "We tend to think of charity as something that is 'morally optional'— good to do, but not wrong to fail to do. […] But those who have enough to spend on luxuries, yet fail to share even a tiny fraction of their income with the poor, must bear some responsibility for the deaths they could have prevented." 

Other topics range from some of the deepest philosophical questions, such as whether anything really matters to personal reflections on one of Peter's favorite activities, surfing, to an unusual suggestion for starting a family conversation over a holiday feast.

Since Ethics In The Real World was released last week, it has received a compelling review in The Economist, and Singer will be doing a free talk and book signing at Cooper Union in New York City.

The book is available via Princeton University Press or on Note that from 10/22-12/15, Princeton University Press is offering The Life You Can Save followers a special 30% discount on their website only with Promo Code P06226 (code must be included at checkout to receive the discount). 

Buy your own copy today, and join the movement of people who are helping alleviate preventable suffering and death caused by extreme poverty—simply by giving better.

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