Help Women & Girls Fund
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Help Women & Girls Fund

This fund is for donors who seek to address the disproportionate burden on women and girls among people living in extreme poverty. Supporting effective charities like those listed below can help reshape gender norms worldwide, promote women’s inclusion and safety, and increase access to maternal healthcare and family planning services. In turn, supporting women and girls enhances the well-being of entire communities.

Fund Objective

Despite significant gains in gender equality in the past two decades, women and girls are still disproportionately affected by poverty and its lasting impacts. When you donate to effective women’s charities, you’re making the world a safer, healthier, and more equitable place.
Read more about the impact of gender-based violence and the most impactful solutions.
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Fund Recipients

Breakthrough Trust
Breakthrough Trust, in India, works on culture-based change, focusing their programs on girls and boys aged 11 to 24. They partner with the government and help redesign school curricula to include material on gendered violence, as well as running mass media campaigns to reach a large audience.
CEDOVIP is a locally-led, Uganda-based nonprofit that establishes and helps run community-led programs focused on reducing violence throughout Kampala and northern Uganda, with ambitious plans to scale their work throughout the rest of the country.
Educate Girls
Educate Girls trains community volunteers in India to promote girls' education. They mobilize resources and address social barriers to enroll and retain girls in schools.
Fistula Foundation
Fistula Foundation is the global leader in treating obstetric fistula, a devastating childbirth injury that leaves women incontinent, humiliated, and often shunned by their communities. In addition to covering direct surgery costs, Fistula Foundation also supports surgeon training, facilities equipment, grassroots community outreach and holistic post-surgery reintegration.
Population Services International
Population Services International helps women live healthier lives and plan the families they desire.

Currently, funds raised will be evenly distributed among charity recipients.

Our Giving Strategy

Our charity evaluation framework explains why and how our team identifies and evaluates recommended charities. Our framework seeks to be:

  • Focused: We focus on problems that are important, tractable, and neglected amongst people living in extreme poverty.
  • Adaptive: We consider a wide range of solutions and organizations with diverse strategies to achieve impact.
  • Practical: We identify the most cost-effective charities, and encourage the greatest number of people to donate.
  • Data-driven: We draw on the best possible evidence available to estimate the impact of each charity.

The Help Women & Girls Fund seeks to empower and support women and girls by increasing knowledge and access to vital health services, including sexual and reproductive health resources, and supporting opportunities to increase their lifetime incomes.  Approaches include: 

  1. Providing effective health care services, including filling unmet demand for contraception and administering cost-effective obstetric fistula surgeries as well as post-surgery reintegration programs that help women regain their place in their families and communities after devastating childbirth injuries.
  2. Leading evidence-based programs led by community members to reduce violence against women. In turn, this leads to improvements in mental and psychical health and women’s labor participation.
  3. Helping redesign school curricula to include material on gendered violence, as well as running mass media campaigns to reach a large audience and revert patriarchal cultural norms.
  4. Identifying out-of-school girls in remote communities and help them re-enroll in education. This involves working with families and communities to revert deeply-rooted gender bias and patriarchal cultural norms.

Fund Managers

Our research and evaluation team works to recommend high impact investments. Contact us if you would like to know more.

  • Akhil Bansal – Research Advisor
  • Ilona Arih – Research Advisor
  • Matias Nestore – Associate, Research and Evaluation
  • Katie Stanford – Director of Research