Vote & Win

Peter Singer has won the 2021 Berggruen Prize and is giving away his entire US$1 million award to charity. 

Peter plans to divide US$100,000 of the prize money amongst three of The Life You Can Save’s recommended charities based on a public vote. The winning charity with the most votes will receive US$50,000, the second place charity will receive US$30,000 and the third place charity will receive US$20,000. 

All participants can also choose to be entered into a competition for a chance to join an exclusive online discussion with Peter Singer.

Place your vote (select 3 charities)

Download Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save for free, learn about our recommended charities and vote for your top 3 effective charities.

Points will be appointed to each charity as follows:
1st choice = 3 points, 2nd choice = 2 points and 3rd choice = 1 point




Against Malaria Foundation
Provide insecticide-treated bednets to prevent malaria and save lives
Development Media International
Support maternal and child health, nutrition, early childhood development, and more
Equalize Health (formerly D-Rev)
Deliver affordable, innovative medical technology to protect and transform lives
Evidence Action
Fund safe water dispensers and school-based deworming programs
Fistula Foundation
Treat fistula injuries that leave women incontinent and shunned by their communities
Fred Hollows Foundation
Prevent blindness around the world, support eye-health advocacy, and more
Fund unconditional cash transfers to some of the world’s poorest people
GAIN’s Salt Iodization Program
Increase the consumption of nutritious foods among vulnerable populations
Helen Keller International
Vitamin A Supplementation Program — Nourish children at risk of Vitamin A deficiency to help prevent blindness and death
Innovations for Poverty Action
Bring together researchers and decision-makers in addressing global poverty
Iodine Global Network
Support the elimination of iodine deficiency, a common cause of brain damage in newborns
Living Goods
Deliver medicine, health education, and diagnoses to millions in Kenya and Uganda
Malaria Consortium
Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention Program — Provide medicine to prevent malaria and save lives
New Incentives
Provide cash to incentivize caregivers to bring babies into clinics for routine vaccinations
One Acre Fund
Help small African farmers boost productivity and household income
Fight inequality to end poverty and injustice
Population Services International
Help women live healthier and plan for families through reproductive health
Sanku – Project Healthy Children
Provide essential vitamins and minerals through fortified flour
SCI Foundation (formerly Schistosomiasis Control Initiative)
Help sub-Saharan African countries control two types of parasitic worm infections
Seva Foundation
Restore sight and prevent blindness in over 26 countries
Village Enterprise
Equip the extreme poor in Africa with resources to start sustainable businesses
Support road safety campaigns proven to save lives throughout Kenya
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