Goodbye Marlboro! CVS, we applaud you!

Goodbye Marlboro! CVS, we applaud you!

The Life You Can Save wants to take the very unusual step of applauding an action of a specific corporation − CVS, because today the large pharmaceutical retail store announced that they will ban all tobacco products in their stores. This courageous corporate action could, if followed by other retailers, significantly reduce morbidity and mortality from the #1 killer in the United States − cigarettes.

Although The Life You Can Save is dedicated to supporting effective NGO's that clearly reduce unnecessary illness and premature death among the world's 1.2 billion poorest people, we can't help wanting to applaud this action and urge other retailers to follow CVS. Quitting smoking, no matter where you live, is one of the most effective ways to support wellbeing and avoid unnecessary illness and premature death. We also urge people who have quit smoking to use some of their saved dollars to donate to our recommended charities. That way The Life You Can Save will be your own… and someone else's.

Congratulations to CVS and everyone who has stopped smoking!!

If you like this, you can take action and sign our petition to immediately stop selling tobacco products in Walgreens retail stores.

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