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Sanku-PHC Fortifies its One-Billionth Meal

Using technology to fight malnutrition in remote Africa, Sanku has reached an impressive milestone since launching operations in 2015 — one billion meals fortified. The milestone was reached this month as Sanku scales its work across Tanzania, a country where unfortunately 130 children die every day as a result of poor nutrition. 

Sanku is working to prevent this, already enabling over 350 small maize millers to fortify across East Africa, reaching two million people with lifesaving, nutritious food. 

Core to their business model is the sale of empty pink flour bags to millers as a mechanism to neutralize the additional cost of fortification. The millers use these pink bags to pack and sell their flour, and impressively Sanku has sold over 2.5 million bags to date. 

“If we can guarantee that every meal, consumed by every mother and child, contains life-saving nutrients,” asserts Sanku Cofounder and CEO Felix Brooks-church, “then we will end malnutrition for millions.” 

Sanku is on pace to reach 20 million people by 2022 with their proven solution, poised to be a major contributor in the fight to end malnutrition in Africa.

You can learn more about PHC here and support their work here.


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