Just trying to be nice

Just trying to be nice

I've been involved with various causes for years including student groups for human rights and the environment, adopting a vegan diet over 15 years ago, and donating money to good causes. I've dedicated my academic and professional life to promoting social change, too.

Peter Singer's work is an inspiration because it's so simple and logical. I don't consider myself a philosopher, but I can relate to the way books like Animal Liberation and The Life You Can Save talk about  our personal, moral obligation to help others.

 The latest TED talk has  well over 50,000 views in less than a day. Anytime we ask others to do something new, it takes time to gain acceptance. But I'm confident that Peter Singer's work will inspire people to further commit to effectively help others, reduce suffering, and save lives.

Pulin lives in Washington DC with his wife and two cats, and works at change.org as a Senior Campaigner.

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