The “mildly talented” (100% his term, not ours) actor, Nick D’Agosto tweeted enthusiastically about The Life You Can Save, and when the team saw the tweet, they jumped on it! They reached out and connected Nick and Charlie, and a friendship was formed.

Nick invited Charlie to appear on his (Nick’s) podcast, “God & Other Delicacies,” and now Charlie is returning the favor. If Nick sounds familiar, it’s because his voice graces the beginning and end of each of Charlie’s episodes (and some movies and TV shows, as well).

Born and raised in a middle- to upper-middle-class, largely white, neighborhood in Nebraska, Nick made the effort to have a broader world view, including studying poverty and race issues in the Dominican Republic for a semester when he was a student at Marquette University. As of this recording, Nick is back in grad school, pursuing an advanced degree in Divinity at Meadville Lombard Theological School, a Unitarian Universalist seminary.

In this episode, Nick and Charlie talk about how ending poverty is a value they share, how ending poverty is a central tenet to Christianity and ethical atheism alike, what influences shape us as we go through life, and why it’s so easy to fall short of our professed values.

Nick is a member at Antaeus Theatre Company in Los Angeles, volunteers at his UU church in Pasadena, and supports the charity “The Life You Can Save.” He lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and young son. You can find out more about Nick on IMDb: Nicholas D’Agosto – IMDb.


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Recent Episodes

Episode 18: Musings with Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie of Humanitix

What do concert tickets and philanthropy have in common Generally not much but a couple of friends of The Life You Can Save are working very hard to change that Tech entrepreneurs Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie could have made a fortune building their ticketing platform start up but a trip to war torn Sri Lanka fueled their desires to do work that was truly meaningful

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Episode 17: Musings with Peter Singer

According to its author Peter Singer those with money are behaving unethically even immorally if they don t take steps to end the poverty and suffering of others Listen to this fascinating conversation around why we give or don t As you might imagine the reasons are complex rooted in human psychology tinged with fear and cognitive dissonance and seasoned with a lack of cultural pressure thanks to an idea called the diffusion of responsibility

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Episode 16: Musings with Caroline Teti

Most of us in the west have our first pair of shoes long before we can actually walk Not true for Caroline Teti who had her first pair of shoes at 12 when it was time to go to high school Today Caroline is the Director of Recipients Advocacy at GiveDirectly Global 8211 we hope you ll enjoy Charlie s conversation with this absolutely inspiring woman

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